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BAF (Thailand) Co., Ltd., having conducted the business of Motorcycle Hire Purchasing,
operates as a subsidiary of Mitsui & Co. Ltd. Our Company was formally established in
2004 with registered capital of 10 Million Baht. We currently provide the Motorcycle Loan
Service in various brands e.g. YAMAHA, HONDA, VESPA, KAWASAKI and other brands
of Big Bike,under the part of our professional management team with the target towards to
serve the customers’ needs among today's business milieu where is constantly changing.

We, BAF (Thailand) Co., Ltd., are pleased to inform you that since September 2015, our
Company has launched the campaign ‘Loan Refinance’ for our customers who would like
to use cash in urgent.Even through you are account-closed customers,account-closed-
soon customers; all you need is just Vehicle Registration Book and Identification Card.
It is such sprouting of our business chain in financial service which is collateral to
company establishment in 2004.